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TV stopping other TVs from getting channels

(Topic created on: 06-07-2022 10:53 PM)
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Hi, I’m having a problem with my Samsung Smart TV. It started quite a few months ago. Whenever my TV is on, even in rest mode, all other TVs in the house are unable to connect to my aerial. Due to this, it loses connection to nearly all FreeView channels. Bearing in mind, my Samsung TV is neither connected to the WiFi or the aerial be it wireless nor wired. My TV is upstairs in my room and it affects both TVs in my sister’s room and in the living room downstairs. I have plugged it into different extension leads, unplugged the smart stick connected to it and everything else. The only thing that allows the other TVs to work is to unplug it or turn it off completely. The other TV brands arent Samsung but LG and Luxor. My TV model is a UE32T4307AK.