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TV Screen has dark section at bottom of screen


 We have a 55JU6800 TV which is just 18 months old.   We have a problem that started a few months ago.   The screen at the bottom would be a lot darker when the TV was switched on but after a couple of minutes would sort itself out and was fine.  Now, though, the screen is staying dark at the bottom all the time and doesn't clear.   We can still see the picture through it but it is very irritating.   Has anyone else had the same problem and is there a fix for it?

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Yes mine was replaced with a brand new screen under warranty 


In dk Where I live The have to repair / replace in The first 2 gears but i payed for 2 ekstra years trough a insurance ... worth the money 

Best reg 



I have the same issue on a ue40mu6400 an engineer is coming to fix it as i only had it 8months ago but i feel i should get a replacement because i paid for a brand new tv with no faults not a refurbished tv i could of got a refurbished tv for alot less. Dark marks seem to be a common problem with samsung tv but when reviewing tvs i found nothing about this issue untill i had the issue now i notice its a problem people should be told about this because if i left it to get worse it would of cost a fortune. How do i make my own post to work out how many customers have this issue rather than just making a tag.


Ive got same issue i should get new tv or money back as im still under warranty not a repair job as im worrid itll happen again and the warranty will be run out thatll mean ill need a new tv after a few months samsung should do more than repair fault they know about if i get same problem in future after warranty runs out what will samsung do considering they know they got a common issue.


Samsung will not help you, if out of warranty.


I personally contacted Currys (where I bought it from) I had to pay £95 for them to collect and diagnose that it wasn't damage by myself.

Beyhond economical repair. So under Consumer Rights, Currys refunded me around half the price I paid.

Not ideal,.but I have now gone on to purchase a SONY tv Which came with 5 year warranty. 





Absolute load of rubbishAbsolute load of rubbish

12 months after I purchased my tv the screen went dark on the bottom. Took it back to Curry’s and it was repaired with a new screen.

Now 12 months have passed again and would you look at that, exactly the same issue.

So new screen time again, who wants to place a bet on what situation my tv screen will be in 12 months after its fixed???!!



 Ive had screen repaired unfortunately the new screen has a lighter colour all the way around the edge at about a centremeter thick plus when i turn scteen on and of theres strange colours and shapes and the screen glows allnight so looks like the engineer will be sent out again but i really want my money back i have no confidence that this tv eill last long after its fixed if ive had all these problems after 8months how is it supposed to last years which is what you expect from a tv im very shocked and disappointed with samsung and the lack of quality which i didnt expect.


Hi, I was just as shocked (when it happened to my TV)


Personally I've always rated Samsung . we all have GALAXY Tabs and smartphones even and older hi-fi (antiquaited  I know)

But usually their products are good .

But their smart Tv's not so.


hence why I claimed through Currys (under Consumer rights) Unusually they were helpful & Quickly established that it wasn't us at fault.

most likely because they see allot of these Tv's?

they informed us that SAMSUNG are using lower end screens in these Tv's (hence why many go wrong)


This is why I bit the bullet . used my partial refund to go buy SONY (which cane with 5 years warranty)


Be firm. look on or Martin Lewis .

If it's less than year old, you have more rights .

my TV was 18 months old and I got half money back from Currys  (as stated in original post ) Not ideal  but better than nothing .


Good luck 



I wish that I could have been able to get just a conversation out of them. Just as soon as I told them it was just a little over one year old they just were not going to talk anymore. I tried to ask if there was anything that we could work out since I have many Samsung products besides the two TV's, phones and other items, but they made it clear that they were not going to do anything and it was just my problem and the heck with me. I have told many people what happened and to stay away from their products. I started to purchase a Sony and also looked at the Vizio. I have had very good experience with both. I let the $20.00 get in my eyes and now I have to live with my mistake. I wish they were a class act company and at least work with all of the people with the same similar types of problems. Samsung we are still asking for you to step up and work with all of us that have purchased your products for years and make this problem right and gain your confidence and respect from all of the customers that have been done wrong. Thank You, Russell J. 


Dark band over top third of screen.
Sometimes over whole screen. The faint image of the picture can be seen beneath the dark band. Comes and goes apparently randomly but often improves after the TV has been left on for a few minutes or disappears after switching off and on again.
Cause: There is a very delicate socket soldered to the screen housing by 2 tiny welds holding the socket in contact with the pin connections leading to the led array. A flat 6 pin plug coming from the motherboard is inserted into this socket. This mission critical connection comes loose perhaps by repeated heating and cooling and leads to the symptoms above.
Fix: Difficult. When you disassemble the TV lifting the backplate and then the frame within from the panel it is likely that the socket connection above will come away from the panel mounting completely with the cable plug still inserted unless you are very careful and first disconnect the cable from the motherboard to give it slack when removing the internal frame from the front panel. Lifting the frame reveals the led connection socket. You need to re-secure this plug and socket in close contact with the panel led pins. I did this by squeezing in a slither of plastic behind the socket which pushed it forward towards the pins but only slightly down on them. I couldn't come up with a way of firmly or permanently pushing the socket down other than folding the led cable over on it's self in the hope that the frame would press on it when I screwed in back in place. This has worked for me, at least for now. Sad that it was necessary on my 54 week old tv due to poor design and build quality. I've already bought a new TV as I thought this one was goosed. Guess what.... it's not a Samsung. Green WiFi unit unstuck to reveal panel screwGreen WiFi unit unstuck to reveal panel screw


Led power connection top right of motherboardLed power connection top right of motherboard


Led power cable socket with packerLed power cable socket with packer


Overview of internals separated form panelOverview of internals separated form panel


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