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TV Repaired via Samsung 3 Months Later Bill Received

(Topic created on: 16-01-2024 03:47 PM)
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Can I get some advice.

My TV screen stopped working in Oct 2023, I arranged a warranty repair and the TV was fixed in Nov 2023. Two weeks ago the repair company started chasing me for the bill, over £300 as the TV needed a new screen.

I have tried calling Samsung, cut off 5 times today and requested a call back twice with 2 different operatives but still no call 3 hours later.

My issue is I wouldn't have had the TV repaired if I had been made aware at the time. I believed the TV had a 2 year warranty, that may not be the case, I'm still not sure why because samsung have not given me or the repair people a reason.

Does anyone know if there are ts&Cs that would shoe I should have been advised of this before the repair was carried out and had a chance to agree.

The problem with the TV was some part in and around the speakers dissolved u der the cooler temps in my lounge because it was 2meters away from patio doors. This caused liquid ingress from this product onto the screen according to the repair people which I think is shocking itself but we were not given the opportunity to decline or approve the repair we were apprently having to pay for prior to the repair taking place.

What do I now?

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Can you direct message @Sam_UK
They maybe able to give you contact details or assist in some way
Explain your situation to get the right information across