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TV recovered after Freesat retuning messages expired

(Topic created on: 15-08-2020 07:46 PM)
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I have quite an old (2009) Samsung TV UE32B450C. When the notices broadcast by Freeview (to retune terrestrial channels after 12 August 2020) started to appear, the TV became unstable and would not respond properly to the remote control. I spent nearly an hour with Samsung support on chat, did all the checks, and we concluded the Infra Red on the TV was faulty. So I bought a replacement TV (UE32T5300). However, after the Freeview message stopped after 12 August, the old TV miraculously completely recovered! (I did not try the TV until around 6pm on 14 August.)


Has anyone else experienced this?

If so, it would support my belief that the Freeview retuning messages were the cause. If not, then the total recovery of the TV remains a mystery.


Can Samsung Support see any possible link between the Freeview messages and the TV behaviour? 


For info, the retuning messages were for the North West region, but may have been more widespread. I think for my transmitter they were redundant in any case, as no channels went missing.