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TV QN95A Neo QLED + Sound Bar HW-Q800A eARC issue

(Topic created on: 28-10-2021 08:48 PM)
Joni Jade
First Poster

Hi, I'm suffering a quite anoying problem with these two Samsung products:


Sound Bar HW-Q800A

when in the TV you change the option Sound->Expert Settings->HDMI e-ARC mode from off to auto then the connection between them it's lost or it becames quite unstable (most of the time you loose the sound or the sound output it's changed to TV Speakers) but if you keep HDMI e-ARC mode off then everything works fine.

I've already done all of these things:

TV and Sound Bar updated to lastest firmwares (TV to 1805.4 Sound Bar to 1009.2)

Reset both TV and Sound Bar and reconnect again

Use a certified eARC HDMI 2.1 cable

I contacted with Samsung support and with remote asistence the TV was apparently ok


So far the only way to make these two work together flawlessly it's having turn off HDMI eARC mode so the conclusion it's that even beeing from same manufacturer they are not compatible, I've read similar issues (loosing the connection with the TV) with other top level products like the Q950A sound bar

Has anybody got make these or similar products to work together with HDMI e-ARC mode in auto?

Thanks in advance!