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Tv promotion deal

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Very disappointed by Samsung service! 

Will go publicly and put this on all social media pages like facebook, twitter , instagram...

Samsung did promotion on Qled tvs and I decided to jump in and use it.

There was buying Qled range tv and trade in your old Oled and you suppose to get 50% cash back.

Already almost a month later since my old oled was collected and Samsung still silent, saying as we have more information we will let you know...

You know what Samsung? That's not good enough to me ! 

More then 3 weeks after collection you must know more, just need to put more effort and try harder for your customers. 

Looking for new phone now, old one Samsung but new one won't be looks like... 

If you let me down you will lose me as custumer for good. 

New Member

Same here.

recent soundbar cash back promotion. was rejetected unfairly. I understood I submitted everything.

Samsung use every chance, or smallest tech error to same money.

Samsung has proof pf my purchase and serial numbers and still rejected my cash back.


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