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I've just bought a new Samsung UHD TV.  It has an annoying TV Plus app which I don't want as it's only trying to sell me something I don't want, and I cannot seem to delete.  I keeps coming back.


Anyone any ideas?  

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Thanks I'll give that a try, but I'm pretty sure I've done that before and when my Apple TV goes to sleep it always kicks me back over to TV Plus. Ive even disconnected the network from the TV trying to keep it from doing it. It's "Free" and it's also the biggest group of worthless channels ive ever seen that just get in the way.

Did you follow the instructions in this video?



Basically, locking the apps is key to them not coming back. I've not had a problem with TV Plus since I locked them down.


I have the same model NU8000. My nephew went into the service menu and did this for me. I think he may have changed my tuner though. Could any of you tell me the default tuner setting in the service menu > options > Tuner? I just want to make sure he didn't change it. I'm having an issue recording something and watching a different channel now. 

Thanks in advance.


@Gregory_7 wrote:
It was the same for me, I checked out (Delete) all TV Plus channels in the channel list. now it doesnt show up anymore.. for now atleast :smiling-face: . Source -> Live TV -> Channel List -> select TV plus -> Select all channels ->Delete

I can't believe it is so SIMPLE to get OFF of TV-Plus and back on whatever channel or device you were using!

i figured it out on my 70" SamSung, after somehow pushing the wrong button by accident and landing in TV Plus Land. 
1) Turn on your TV

2) Have the remote for the TV, the remote specifically for your TV (NOT YOUR CABLE REMOTE OR ANY OTHER REMOTE).

3) Find the button SOURCE on the remote. It's usually one of the upper buttons. 
4) ) PUSH the ENTER button one time and a MENU, so to speak, will be staring back at you! 

These are your available and unavailable

5) When you first click the remote on SOURCE, LOOK & you'll see which HDMI TV PLUS is using. USUALLY it'll have a green check mark or the equivalent indicating which is used at the moment.

6) If you don't know which number of the HDMI's your game systems, your DVD, your BlueRay, etc., that's okay. 
7) scroll to each one separately and press ENTER.

😎 If there's no picture after pressing ENTER on your first one (HDMI), scroll to the next one and try the same thing. I can tell you that I'm not a techie, I'm not a genius (far cry!), but I do know that when you see the SOURCES listed horizontally or vertically, there's a specific TV PLUS "icon."

have fun!

what ever happened to 3D channels?




Thank you for the links about how to remove TV Plus! It worked and it's been removed, but the TV still wants to go to another Source like the Regular TV Tuner or now my input for Dish Network and just stay on that screen forever.  It used to just go to sleep like it was supposed to when I hadn't touched it in 30 minutes, but now it switches to that screen and will stay on all night if I don't manually turn it off.  It used to cut itself back on randomly for no reason, but at least it doesn't do that anymore.  Even when I have the Bose Soundtouch 300 Soundbar attached it will just randomly not play any sound through the soundbar. I got it to work again by unplugging the Soundbar and plugging it back in last time.  This TV just has so many issues and I know that it will go out completely after I've had it for 5yrs like they all do, but I can say for a fact that I've bought my last Samsung Product(of any kind)


I paid around £2000 for a Samsung tv it lasted for four years Called Samsung, they replaced the screen in my other one year Samsung tv but not my four-year-old Samsung tv, I now know TVs have a tube hours screen life.i worked out mine used about 13000 or 14000 tv tube hours. So work out how long your TV is on a week times by a year, I cant a ford to replace a £2000 Tv every four years. So have £750 for an LG, NO MORE SAMSUNG. Customer service is absolutely terrible.


Wow. Sorry to hear that. This is why I buy the cheapest possible that I believe will meet my needs. In USD the amount I will spend can range from $400 to $800, my comfort zone for viewing space in my home limits my set to 55 inch. 


Old thread but I just figured out one way to fix this: go into the Samsung TV app, go to parental controls, and block all content at any rating. All channels will stop playing.

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Sorry but yes it stops the TV programs coming up BUT ...
the frigging thing keeps coming back with "unable to connect"  every 20-30 minutes sam.jpg

This makes me throw the Samsung TV out the window. SAMSUNG: you need to get rid of this garbage on a TV that otherwise works will (Its a 65" model bought 3 years ago). The tiny remote doesn't even have a channel list button and I had to use a remote from an older SAMSUNG TV that did have a channel ist button.

Someone (e.g. someone from SAMSUNG) please help!


seriously, they provide this forum and nobody replies from Samsung. We should collectively register to return the TVs and demand full refunds. If this 'taking over of the appliance' was on a PC, it would be deemed a virus and illegal. Why don't we start a petition to get full refunds for returned TVs unless they fix it with a software update. I have 4 Samsung Smart TVs and they all run like dogs now. I actually purchased amazon firesticks on each to avoid having to use their apps.  I will not buy samsung TVs again unless these are rectified. I am a fan of the brand and have plenty else from them, but they seriously let the consumer down on this

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