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I've just bought a new Samsung UHD TV.  It has an annoying TV Plus app which I don't want as it's only trying to sell me something I don't want, and I cannot seem to delete.  I keeps coming back.


Anyone any ideas?  

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I loved tv plus. But I think Samsung discontinued it. I no longer receive.
Sorry if post was misleading. When I went to app store message said app has been discontinued.

I have a MU9000 55" TV and the TVplus+ app no longer seem to be available on my TV. At first I didn't like it but I had just come to begin liking it. Did Samsung discontinue this app, maybe through their latest update? Is there a way to find out and possibly get it back? Thanks!


Where you able to fix this issue ? I have the  exact same problem 


Unfortunately, I was not able to fix this issue. I chatted with a Samsung Customer Representative today and they wanted to connect to my TV. I already had tried that the day before with any success and so I declined. She suggested that  just for testing purpose, I disconnect all devices from the TV and perform the below step:

Unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait for 30 seconds and plug the TV back directly
(just for testing purpose, without any surge protector) into power outlet which is working fine.


I did not try this (above steps) yet because it seems like a hassle and I doubt it will work. If I don't get a straight answer that the TVPLUS app has indeed been disabled by Samsung then I might try this to see if it works. If you want to try the above step and see if it works for you, please do and then let me know.  My guess is that maybe the latest TV update did something to the app and Samsung has discontinued the TVPLUS app all together or it's no longer compatable or offered with non QLED Samsung TVs. 

I think it is in the app store now. Or you have to turn it on via the channel edit section. Lots of complaints about it as it was forceware instead of making it a choice. A bit like Facebook rubbish I don't have Facebook but I am unable to remove the app.
Just checked. None of those things worked for me. Its still not there. Yeah, I was aware of the complaints about it and it being forceware. I hated it at first myself but it grew on me a little. I just want to make sure I didn't do something to make it disappear or that it's not my TV malfunctioning or something. If Samsung pulled the app because of all the complaints, I wish they would communicate this to their customers ahead of time or make it know enough to where we could find the answer a samsung news google search.

TVPlus is back on my Samsung TV after chatting with a representative the other night. I can not figure why there are so many complaints about the service. IT is awesome and FREE if you have interent service.  It adds itself to my LIVE TV which I receive from a roof top anteena. And all the channels received are UHD again for free. Not a pay item like cable.

Get LIVE TV, TV Plus and Pluto and get rid of your cable box. If you are still paying for cable to me it is foolish. You only need HS Internet without the channels. $79.00 a month throgh Comcast/xfinity and I have a hundred channel. I also use Netflcks. So stop your complaining and put a regualr UHF/VHF antenna on the roof and begin enjoying FRRE UHD TV.


I default to assuming anyone who compliments LiveTV is a Samsung Employee. But OK, here’s why there are so many complaints about LiveTV:


- Didn’t Ask For It!

      It ends up on your TV again, after deleting it or talking to a representative.

- Terrible Quality

    The video quality doesn’t even qualify as standard HD. It looks like YouTube before it supported HD.

- It auto plays at every possible moment!

  Turn on the TV, change a source.. it’s LiveTV.

- Bad Production Values

   Almost all channels are low budget, and feel exactly like public access. Hundreds of public access shows?

- Can’t Delete It!

  Mentioning this again. It should be a choice.


@Wing2012 is most likely a Samsung employee though...



I have none of those problems. Maybe your TV? And I assure you I am not a Samsung employee. Maybe check you tv settings? I get nothing but complimants from friends who watch my TV. Maybe some peole are just complainers?

It disappeared from my TV, I chattted on Samsund Web Site and the next day it was back and I love it. Cable $140 month.



I would be okay with LIve TV if it was just another annoying App , as long as it let me switch to other apps. Thats the problem , in my case I am unable tochange from Live tv or TV plus to Netflix or other apps on my home.  Only selected remote buttons work , i can only change channel s or volume thats it. I cant go to settings , or other things. I tried changing the remote based on samsung customer care help but the problem still persists. This is a definite manufacturer issue

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