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I've just bought a new Samsung UHD TV.  It has an annoying TV Plus app which I don't want as it's only trying to sell me something I don't want, and I cannot seem to delete.  I keeps coming back.


Anyone any ideas?  

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This issue is very easy to solve look back through this thread and it takes about 5 minutes to fix. I can't keep repeating myself. Click my profile look at my posts and then you should find where I posted how to fix as alot of other people have done. No point shouting like a child she  there is nothing to shout about


I tried to delete the tVplus app AND the 4 channels with the dedicated options to delete them. But the 4 ad Rakuten TV channel keep coming back each time I delete them. And Samsung Tech support is confirming this.

 I tryed everything, with the help of samsung support. Nothing worked. So please, don't try to make me look like a fool when Samsung is clearly trying to push thoses ad Channel on a 800€+ TV.


Edit: Change some words to be less agressive. Sorry.

The following helped me fix this issue and get rid of TV Plus.

What you need:
- An original Samsung remote with buttons (For example: BN59-01198Q)

- My walkthrough will not work with any Samsung Smart Remote

1. Reset your Samsung TV to factory settings. Can be done with the regular menu
2. Turn off your TV
3. Unplug power chord and press the power button on the remote to empty all condensators
4. Plug in the power chord of the TV and
5a. If it starts up automatically, shut off the TV and wait 10 seconds
5b. wait 10 seconds
6. Point the Samsung remote towards the TV and press the following buttons after each other: INFO > MENU > MUTE > POWER
7. The TV will start and there will be a speacial menu displayed
NOTE: If this menu does not appear and the TV starts as it usually does, power off the TV and wait 10 seconds and try the button sequence from step 6 again. I had to redo this about 6 times until it finally brought me the service menu.
8. If the TV has started and the service menu (you'll notice it...) appears, use the arrows on the remote to navigate and go to «Option» and press the arrow pointing to the right on the remote.
9. Navigate to «MRT Option» and press the arrow pointing to the right on the remote.
10. Navigate to «TV Plus Support» and press the Enter button (Arrow going down and to the left) on the remote
11. Press the arrow pointing to the right on the remote and make sure it says «TV Plus Support OFF»
12. Press the return button repeatedly until you're at the top menu again.
13. Turn off your TV and that's it. That did it for me.
How nice for you that it has been resolved for you. 
How nice of you to NOT let everyone else here know how to do it.
Thanks alot from everyone here.

Solution by Lima497 works.

I have a NU8000 model TV.


1. Power off the TV (maybe wait 5 seconds).

2. Enter the "Service Menu" for your Samsung TV (search internet to find out how for your TV model). Press the following buttons INFO, MENU, MUTE, POWER-ON.The MENU button on my remote was the SETTINGS button. Buttons on your remote may be different.

3. Wait for TV to power up fully. The service menu came up after a short wait (5 - 10 seconds).
4, Navigate thru menu to  select "MRT Option" then "TV Plus Support".

5. Change "TV Plus Support" from ON to OFF.

6. Press the BACK button repeatedly to return to the main Service Menu. Then Power off the TV.

TV Plus has been removed and does NOT come back even when you turn off/unplug the TV.


Note: TV Plus did come back when the samsung TV software was automatically updated/upgraded.

Will have to see if that is a one off, or if it always comes back when they update the TV software.



Exactly, sorted it out for me too


Hi, thanks for the info, I got into the hidden menu and followed your instructions but there was no TV plus support on there although it's on my TV.






The model of my TV is a ku6670 which didn't originally come with TV plus, it appeared after an update so maybe that's why It doesn't appear in the hidden menu?


I am sure messing with the service (engineer) messes with your warranty 

Like if I rooted my S8 and tripped Knox they can tell and refuse to fix it. I hope i am wrong and because of a hidden menu


Think changing some  settings in the service  menu would invalidate the warranty, if a fault was considered to be directly related to such action.

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