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I've just bought a new Samsung UHD TV.  It has an annoying TV Plus app which I don't want as it's only trying to sell me something I don't want, and I cannot seem to delete.  I keeps coming back.


Anyone any ideas?  

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Another unhappy customer, this time with a 55KS7000. There was a software update the other day, and now I have TVPlus popping up, playing random trailers at random times. Totally unacceptable. I've deleted the channels, but I really don't want to have to turn off HDMI-CEC (Anynet+) if I can possibly avoid it.


It’s just not good enough is it.

all I can say from my four month long experience with this problem is that deleting channels did nothing, they just came back or I had the blue ‘cannot connect to server screen’.  So far the only thing that has worked is turning off anynet.  I am also pretty sure my tv does not automatically do software updates anymore because I simply can’t rely on it now.  


Also having this issue. I'm not sure when my Samsung UE55MU6400UXXU did a firmware upgrade to T-KTMDEUC-1210.8, BT - S, but it must have been in a the last few days, as now my TV is constantly changing source (automatically) to "TV Plus". For example, the tv keeps switching to TV Plus when watching Sky (sky box connected via hdmi 1). This happens over and over again and has essentially rendered the TV useless. 

I have had this tv since Jan 2018 and it has worked with no issues since then, but all of a sudden this annoying TV Plus app keeps opening by itself - it is extremely frustrating, especially after how much money  I spent on the TV.


Yep’s just awful once it starts.  As I’ve said, turning off anynet (which was done by a local tv repairer because Samsung did nothing to help me) as been the only thing that worked after three months of battling with Samsung who claimed to not know what the problem is.  

@Mchelle @ ixipaulmacixi

Please try the steps below to disable TV Plus from the channel and source lists.
1. On the Home Screen, highlight the TV Plus tile, press down and select 'Remove'. TV Plus will still appear as an available source.
2. Select TVPLUS from the source menu. Access Channel List either by Pressing “CH List” on standard remote or press & hold the “Guide” key on the Smart remote.
3. Press “Right” & “Up” to select “Edit Channels”
4. Check the “All Channels” box then move across to “Delete” to delete the channels.
5. Once deleted press “Home” and select the HDMI Source. If, after this process you see
the ' Unable to connect to the server' error, simply re-select the desired source from the Source menu or Tile.


Except that steps you mention never worked.  Deleting tv plus was fine (although it used to put itself back on), but when The unable connect to server screen came up and I’d switch back to hdmi source it then instantly would go back to unable to connect to server screen so I’d switch back, it would then automatically and instantly switch back to unable to connect to server -  this could go on for hours rendering the tv entirely useless.  The only way I’ve been able to fix it is getting a tv repairer (not Samsung because they weren’t interested in helping - months of them ignoring my problem proved that) is to turn off anynet.


Hi Michelle


When you say "If, after this process you see
the ' Unable to connect to the server' error, simply re-select the desired source from the Source menu or Tile."  Yes I know I can select another source but after a random amount of time it will then switch back to the screen saying "Unable to connect to server". This has obviously got something to do with the firmware/software version (T-KTMDEUC-12.10.8) why don't Samsung just fix the issue rather than giving us useless work arounds? I am not getting at you Michelle by the way!


55KS7000 Going back to the shop.

what a f ink joke you are Samsmug:smileyfrustrated:


I found this


I checked out (Delete) all TV Plus channels in the channel list. now it doesnt show up anymore.. for now atleast Smiley Happy . Source -> Live TV -> Channel List -> select TV plus -> Select all channels ->Delete

This is getting right on my nerves and if it doesn’t get sorted it will be the last Samsung product I buy.

Always defaults to TV +. Never use it and don’t want it. Cannot get rid of it.

Every time I turn the tv on or turn a device off it defaults to this app. I want my TV to default to a source of my choosing not Samsung’s.

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