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TV Plus

(Topic created on: 08-03-2018 08:35 AM)
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I've just bought a new Samsung UHD TV.  It has an annoying TV Plus app which I don't want as it's only trying to sell me something I don't want, and I cannot seem to delete.  I keeps coming back.


Anyone any ideas?  

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Hi @poppasmurf.


TVPlus is an enhanced version of Freeview with additional features. It's one of the stock features/apps, and so can't be deleted.

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This TV Plus app keeps starting up on my TV whilst I'm watching through an externally connected Freesat box (via an A/V amp). It'll change source automatically to view the TV plus random trailer which has started playing. Happens roughly about once an hour or two. I've tried disabling auto-update within the "apps" settings to no avail, and I'm unable to delete the app. Any other suggestions?


Note that im running the latest software.. TV model is 55mu7000.

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I'm having the same issue and it's so frustrating. Mine happens when I'm on my PlayStation 4, which is a pain in the a##e when gaming or watching something else. I've played with settings but nothing seems to work.


I have been having the same problem for the past month (six month old tv).   It switches from sky to tv plus of its own accord and it can go on for several hours and in some cases it takes a few seconds before it has switched back to tv plus,  sky goes back on and within a few seconds tv plus is back.   I have recorded it doing it and within the space of five  minutes, it switched to tv plus 27 times.

I have called Samsung advisors every day for the last three days (sometimes more than once a day).  The tv plus app has been deleted off my tv more times than I can count but all deleting tv plus does is replace it with another problem as it then pops up with a ‘cannot connect to server’ fault.   I call Samsung and they reset my smart hub, delete tv plus and tell me to monitor it but can guarantee that within a few hours it’ll do it again and I’ll be back in the cycle of calling, reset, delete....

Having just got off the phone to Samsung again a few minutes ago, I have been now told that the problem won’t be fixed until a software update is released, they don’t know when that will be.   

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We have the exact same problem with ours. We spoke to Samsung and they’re sending someone out. Is you’re working now? How did you fix it?




This sounds very annoying, I would be asking for a refund straight away from the place I bought it from if Samsung can't say when it will be fixed. The TV is not fit for purpose.


They treat their customers very badly, once they have our money they don't seem to care if you can watch the TV or not, and how on earth did it get through testing?


You'll not even know if the next updated firmware fixes it as they don't release any information about changes or fixes for new firmware. 


Samsung wonder why their TV sales are dropping...







We have a UE55MU6670 which doesn’t quite have the same issue, it doesn’t switch to TV Plus during watching other sources. However when we switch the TV on with no sources active it starts in TV Plus and the contents often isn’t suitable for our 6 year old daughter. It’s usually showing some crappy Rakuken TV trailer featuring gory special effects.

I've tried locking Rakuken, but I cannot find any setting to limit the content displayed on TV Plus to child friendly. Any ideas?

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I stumbled over this thread and I'm in dire need of help here.


My 80year old mother got my tv as a a replacement and I got it down so that she can switch channels in my TV app (Zattoo). I have hidden every other app, as the build in ones cannot be deleted. This works for all apps but TV Plus. If the TV has been off for an unknown amount of time, the TV Plus app is back and I have no idea how my mother starts it or if it's autostarted, but she is stuck in the app and unable to find her used channel list. She cannot switch back to Zattoo. Is there some kind of support email or telefone number?


I am starting to get really fed up with the constant marketing on my Samsung devices which only seems to get worse. I have just purchased my third tv, my other two just over a year ago. This new tv continually pushes TVPlus every time I switch the power on. If I had wanted your app I would download it and use it, just as I did with iPlayer, Netflix etc.  I cannot delete it or stop its continual advertising just as I cannot stop the continual notifications asking me to sign up to Samsung cloud on my phone.


Seriously, please stop forcing your services on your customers who are more than intelligent enough to decide which services they do and do not want. I have enjoyed you products and have paid good money for them. I just want a TV and a mobile phone, NOT a tv and phone with constant plugging of Samsung biased software. 


I will certainly move my attention elsewhere if this continues, it is very annoying and just blatant.