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TV Plus - Too many channels and no way to filter them?


So I've just purchased the NU8000, which I am loving apart from rather limited options on TVPlus.


I don't tend to watch live TV, but I recently moved into a flat where a previous owner had Sky and so I have a satellite dish.

Before I consider buying a TV license I wanted to see if I could get Freesat working, how many channels I can get and what sort of quality they are.


So I got it working last night and... well, it found 1135 channels!


But the filtering options are extremely limited and there seems to be a lot of duplicate channels.

For example... the BBC HD channels are half way down the list at around 550 !?


Are there no options to remove channels or re-order them? Possibly an option to only view HD channels?


So at this point I am thinking I'm gonna unplug the satellite cable and not buy a TV license, as trying to find anything on this is a painful experience 😞



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