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TV operating system mis-identifies Amazon Fire TV Stick as DirectTV receiver

(Topic created on: 25-01-2021 04:27 AM)
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This evening I had to, against my better judgement, unplug my Amazon Fire TV Stick from my Samsung so-called Smart (ha!) TV (model code UN50RU7100FXZA). Upon plugging it back it, as I expected/feared, the Smart (ha!) TV did not recognize the device, choosing instead to identify it as a DirectTV receiver. This is a problem is  because in misidentifying the device, the so-called 'Universal' remote does not work with the Fire TV Stick – because it thinks it's sending signals to a DirectTV receiver.


It is not a DirectTV receiver.


The reason I was reluctant to unplug the Fire TV Stick from my Smart (ha!) TV in the first place is that, every time I do so, the poor brain-addled TV forgets what a Fire TV Stick is and I need to spend a couple of hours trying to cajole it into figuring it out again. Unfortunately, I have forgotten myself how I have done it in the past. I know it can be done because the Smart (ha!) TV has a Fire TV Stick icon  in its OS (it was the icon displayed for the appropriate port when I managed to configure it properly in the past), yet when using the built-in 'add a new device' functionality, neither Amazon nor Fire TV stick are recognized as search terms.


I am at a loss and about to drop my TV from my balcony onto the very hard, very concrete-y pool deck five floors below.


Any guidance would be assisted. In the meantime, between this infernal device and a Samsung refrigerator with a temperamental ice-maker, we will not be buying Samsung products ever again.

First Poster

Similar issue but with an Apple TV. There used to be a direct tv receiver so connected, but not for the last 4 months or so. It took about 3 months but then it figured out the change. Not sure if linked to the fact that I’d tried and tried to change the  name often. After some attempts and time it seemed to accept the change... roll eyes...