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TV off & on

(Topic created on: 30-09-2023 02:59 PM)
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Have 2 Samsung TVs. First started switching off and on just outside the 2 year warranty period. Tried reset but didn’t work and unable to do a software update as tv didn’t stay on long enough. 

Was suggested power board issue and would cost £250 for new one (not including labour). Decided to buy new Samsung TV, giving Samsung benefit of doubt. 

Other Samsung TV now has same issue. Happening once is unfortunate, twice suggests a bigger issue with TVs, especially when you read how many other have same issue. Won’t be buying another Samsung TV until they start providing at least a 5 year warranty period.

Replacing 2 tv’s is well over £1k! Great news for Samsung but not for me.

If anyone can suggest a solution to this on/off issue I’d be keen to hear it. Note, I’ve done the usual stuff - new batteries in remote, blocked Wi-Fi to tv, HDMI cables removed, resets, new power cable. And the tv doesn’t stay on for more than a few seconds so you can’t access settings. 

Will revisit Sony, LG etc., as Samsung has lost this customer.

#on/off #tvfault 

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@DF6996190512  Sorry you have not had a great experience. Just checking if you are using a surge protector, whilst should be fine if the main light is green an idea to plug directly into wall outlet, may not be relevant though.  I take it Eco settings are turned off, have you disabled AnyNet+ (HDMI-CEC) in case that is causing an issue?  Something to try, unplug Tv for 30 seconds , hold the power Button down for 15 seconds whilst the Tv is unplugged  and connect the Tv again. 

You say you have disconnected HDMI cables, have you been able to try new ones, assuming you have also done a Factory Reset? However it may well be a power board  issue.  Some stores do offer longer warranties and sometimes Samsung themselves direct.

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