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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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I have been to my retailer and can change for a different brand, I will have to wait until mid next week but I would rather wait that long to get away from the Samsung brand than to continue with the poor service I have received and most likely wait an age to get this issue, which Samsung caused, fixed.

The amount of effort,time and money i have spent trying to get this sorted has left me drained and I will be advising everyone I know to stay away from Samsung as I have been for the last 7 days.


Thanks for confirming everyone. My team have gone home for the evening so we will pick up first thing tomorrow.


@MikeEvo really concerned to hear this. I'm making contact with the specialists now. 


Appreciate everyone's patience here. 



...and I haven't been contacted either, Ryan.


No call for me either.




I have not been contacted but dont want to be contacted. 


I suspect I would get more sense out of conversation with a chimpanzee in a zoo. (No disrespect to the chimp)


Panasonic all the way!


Enjoy your next corporate financial results. 




Hey guys, looks like my UE32F5500 tv has been struck by this update bug. It's 3 years old so I won't be able return it.

Where does this leave me? Do I have to just wait for Samsung to send out a fix? Or maybe i can do a factory reset? ...game of thrones series finale on monday...



Well I was just "interviewed"  on Radio 5. It was very brief and I did not get the chance to explain how poorly Samsung have behaved.


They "expert" claimed that Samsung have put out a statement but they have not.


So Samsung still not taking any responsibility for this

My 2.5 month UE40MU6100 won't turn on since this afternoon. What the hell Samsung??!!
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Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Samsung has really dropped the ball from both a QC standpoint and a customer service standpoint. I have owned and enjoyed Samsung electronics, but I have also been witness to some poorly executed customer service.


There are few things more frustrating as a consumer than trying to be heard when interacting with a Big Dumb Company.

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