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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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Just called samsung support once again and the same answer as before "we are aware if the issue and have escalated it, our engineers are aware and are trying to resolve the issue".


Yep same for me.


The retailer will not refund unless Samsung state that the TV is beyond repair and Samsung wont do this.


So its catch 22.


Absolute shambles of a company. Has this hit the mainstream media yet?


Just spoken to customer services and they have NO IDEA when this will be fixed.


Thankfully I paid for mine with a credit card for extra protection.


Off to see if they will do charge back


Spoken to my retailer as I am still within the 28 days to return the tv, I will wait another day and if the issue isn't resolved or no information is given I will be doing so and purchasing either LG or Sony in place of the useless samsung i have, after spending 900 pounds I am disgusted that no one has even come on here to update or explain the problem, I will not be buying any more samsung products and will be changing the ones I do already have.


I'm in absolute agreement with everyone here. The lack of response from Samsung has been a disgrace and to continually fob customers off with claims of 'we're working on it' is an insult. The issue surfaced last week and yet here we are days later and no closer to a fix. 


So, if anyone from Samsung is reading this, how about someone have the decency to post a clear statement here clarifying the current position and timescale for a solution... 


Not going to happen unfortunately, I have called, emailed and had a live chat session and advised that the issue needs to be addressed on here and still no response from samsung.

Still no indication of timescales either.20170822_183031.png



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It's good to know I'm not on my own but this is ridiculous! I pay nearly £1500 for a TV and now (less than 2 months later) I can't do much with it. It's the same story as everyone else but I need to post just to release some frustration. So, lukily I CAN watch TV (when it wants to come on.....with sound) but, can only watch that 1 input. If I want to watch Netflix I can't, if I want to watch a DVD/BluRay or use my Xbox I have to change the HDMI leads, turn the TV off then back on again. Worse than that I can't really watch TV after my young kids go to bed as I am unable to adjust the volume so from around 8pm it goes off and I'm watching Sky Go with headphones.

Come on Samsung, get this fixed! I work for Sky and we regularly update software on our boxes (the software is      always trialled before sending to customers) and should there be an issue its resolved very quickly! This just isn't good enough! I've had Samsung TVs for many years and (used to) trust the brand name as for me it meant quality but it appears as if thats no longer the case. 

They say you don't judge customer service when things are going well its how you deal with your customers when things go wrong is how you're measured and this is very poor. All we're hearing is "Our engineers are working on it" and nothing offered for our inconvenience. 


Samsung technical support is ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the firmware bug that leaves the smartTv completely unused.


If I was in the period to return it I did not hesitate and I would go to Panasonic, Sony, LG or other brand. Of course the last Samsung I buy.


My advise is return Yours TV if you can do it. 


So here we are. Another morning without my TV working AND more importantly another morning with NO update from anyone at Samsung


I honestly can't believe the incompetence that is being shown by a company of this size. The lack of communication is astounding and if I could take my TV back it would be there in a heartbeat.


I hope someone is reading these messages and is embarrassed to be working for a company that shows such disregard for its customers. 


BUT once again this will not be answered so email to the Samsung CEO it is!!!


I have contacted Samsung again and no change in the information given, no reply to email sent to samsung support or the CEO.

I have mentioned this thread and the other one with the same issues and that we have had no response on here, the fact they still haven't updated anyone shoes how little they care.

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