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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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I wouldn't be surprised. I find it hard to believe that the exact same issues have occurred coincidentally.

For the record - I've tested the power board and found no issue; I can power the LEDs directly; the software works as I've done a flashlight test on the screen and can see moving images. I've managed to revert to factory settings using the flashlight and menu but there is still no picture.

I've also tried to force an update too but apparently there is no update available (even though I'm back to factory settings)! Samsung must have updates blocked now they know there's problems.

The conclusion is that this can ONLY be a firmware issue coming from a Samsung update.

Care to comment mod??

@jpks1985: I've added a query about other models being potentially affected to our ongoing escalation/investigation into the update issue. Earliest I'll receive a reply from that is later on tomorrow - but I'll get back to you all as soon as I get one.

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I have a ue55es8000 with sek2000 evolution upgrade that mysteriously lost wifi connection around the same time as these firmware updates and has been very temperamental with Bluetooth remote connections dropping in and out over the last week or so. It's been a very stable and reliable tv until then...

I was going to replace it with the current model, but given the recent issues and the appaling customer service to resolve them, I'm thinking an LG would be a better option.


Hi all


Quick update from me


I swapped my Samsung TV's (2 x MU 40" and 55") for Panasonic EX700B models (40" and 58") as was sick to death with Samsungs service and attitude. 

To be honest I was expecting an slightly inferior product. 


As a neutral customer I have to say the Panasonics are a much better product in virtually every department. They look better, they are more solid in build, the smart features seem slicker and are more informative and the picture quality is in a different league. I can't really fault the Panasonics, if I was forced to pick one area I would say that the remote control on the samsung is better/simpler but then again panasonic have one remote v's the two which ship with the samsung which always confused me. 


Also did a software update and it didnt destroy my TV. 


So in summary I am very pleased and this is an option for anyone who decides to return their Samsung to the store. The price of the panasonics were slightly cheaper and allowed me to get credit for some wireless headphones. 



Just to let you know that I called Samsung yesterday and they arranged an engineer to visit on Thursday this week. Thankfully the work has been outsourced (as expected) and the sub contracted engineer can actually visit tomorrow morning instead of Thursday. The engineer did advise that he has had some success fixing this issue on my particular model, but added that there are no guarantees the issue will be fixed on site tomorrow. Fingers crossed though...


I'm sure if Samsung really cared they would have engineers carry replacement stock to get you up and running even if they couldn't fix onsite tomorrow. 


"No guarantees it will be fixed onsite tomorrow" is absolute nonsense given this is a manufacturer issue and people have been without devices for nearly two weeks. 


With all due respect, the engineer I've spoken to isn't a samsung employee; just a company that has been contracted to carry out the repairs on behalf of Samsung, and I trust he was just being 100% honest based on his experience of the issue. It will be Samsung who 'face my wrath' if the engineer is unable to rectify the TV tomorrow... not the company / engineer assigned to the job.
I know where you are coming from and appreciate your frustration, but I'd rather the engineer be honest from the start instead of providing any false hope. In any case, he sounded generally positive but just wanted me to be aware that there were no gaurantees.

First world problems...

Just spent over 1 hour on the phone to Samsung support gave them remote access to my tv and despite them having visible issues such as not being able to use the internet browser and the tv going on standby by itself 5-6 times whilst they were in control of it they tried to say the internet problem was due to me using a 3rd party site it was lfctv.go for God's sake so not due to the tv as regards it going on standby it was apparently nothing major i had to explain that my tv UE50MU6100 was only 2 month's old and was working perfectly before the update but reluctantly they had to give in to my demands that an engineer needs to be sent out as my tv has numerous other issues such as sound dropping voice commands not being recognised connection to wifi apparently not working even though status said connection was very good truly shocking behaviour to have to fight for them to send an engineer to repair it hopefully when the engineer calls on Thursday it's repaired on site 


Hi all.


We've had it confirmed that this particular issue regarding the recently released update only affects the M/Q series TVs, and so is unrelated to similar symptoms that may be experienced in other series. To give a bit more info on this: TVs from different series have different software builds and so updates will accordingly vary significantly between the series.


For anyone with non-M/Q series TVs experiencing similar symptoms as reported in this thread, and who've tried basic troubleshooting steps such as disconnecting all external devices, unplugging from the mains (or in the case of issues with remote control response, the guide here), then we'd advise getting in touch with the TV Support team as soon as you're able for more in-depth troubleshooting and advice on the appropriate next steps.

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Finally got my tv working in the last hour after 11 days just took about 20mins to patch. And do a factory reset first job was switch off the auto update function. Will never buy Samsung products again such dismal response to the customers and no recompense to us for all the loss of time and use.

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