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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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Hi @Lg71.


The official statement for the UK and Ireland is:


"Samsung is aware of a small number of TVs affected by a firmware update on 17th August to the 2017 MU Series TVs.


Once this issue was identified, the update was switched off and we’re now working with each customer to resolve the issue.


Any customers affected are encouraged to get in touch with Samsung directly on

0330 726 7864 (UK) or  0818 717 100 (EIRE)


We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused."


We're very keen to get this sorted for everyone, and so very much would like to hear back from people who've had the engineer visits.

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I've had the same issues since Thursday at first tv wouldn't respond to the remote then voice commands weren't being recognised now remote has a mind of its own tv turning itself off sound dropping internet browser constantly reloading and a whole host of other problems since the update when will they push a fix 

Well apparently I have to sit in all day Sunday because thats the only time they can fit me in within the next week.


So thats my bank weekend holiday ruined


I have had almost two hours of chats (most on hold) with their delightful customer services in the Philippines


Thanks for sharing that with us @Trevnal. Glad to know it's been sorted for you. :robothappy:

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Gogglebox who is doing the service told me they don't even do weekends.

Not I have a slot for Wednesday between 1pm and 5pm.

Probably wont happen as I am working and only have 1h for lunch.@!!@$##


They basically need to do a firmware reflash which is something a relatively experienced it literate person can do however they told me they are under strict contract by Samsung not to give the flash image to the customer.

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Hi -


My Samsung ue32f5500akxxu has also stopped working - tuner and sound appear to work but no picture is displayed. This will have happened at some point in the last couple of weeks (we were away). I would like to know if this also due to the software update bug, as it was reported in that other owners of F5500 TVs had experienced problems.


Samsung helpline were unable to help. They gave me the name of a local service engineer but noted that I'd be charged for any visits or repairs, which is irksome if it indeed turns out to be their software update which caused the fault!


Looking forward to hearing if any F5500 TV owners have had similar problems and/or if Samsung finds a solution!


Why does this have to be done by a Samsung engineer?


Based on other peoples responses, I'm assuming there is a way to get the TV to boot from a USB stick - can anyone tell us how this is done? I've downloaded the latest firmware and have it ready on a USB stick ready to go but I can't get the TV to boot from the USB drive.



When my TV was fixed by a engineer, he had to put in some sort of code or something when he turned on the TV, and then the USB drive worked. I herd him muttering some commands as he was pressing various buttons on a remote, but i could not tell you what he tapped into the remote.


Interesting - thanks.


I have asked on another thread as well, but to be honest I can't see anyone from Samsung telling me the procedure. Fingers crossed though!

all well and good that there is a fix but I can't talk to someone now as its Sunday and no-one works on the helplines on a Sunday.

I need this resolving as having sky q fitted tomorrow and this is my only UHD tv.

Sky will charge to rearrange . Will Samsung pay as the error on the tv is their fault?
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