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TV not working after software update


My Samsung model UE50MU6100K won't turn on anymore after the software update that came yesterday.

I've spoken to the call centre and they said it's been escalated but I want to know what has actually happened? Can this even be fixed by another software update like I keep being told?

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I am having the same issue!


Have the same issue with my UE49MU7070, been told a future update will sort the problem,  anyone experienced this ?


My UE49MU7070TXXU updated to days ago and since then it is stuck on one tv channel and will not respond to remote controls ( I have 3 ) or Smartphone controls. Is this an issue with the update or something else ? and how long am I expected to wait ? Tempted to take the item back to the store if not resolved soon.


Can someone from Samsung please give information on the situation




A guy in the warranty department I spoke to seems to think we will need an engineer to come round to upload the new software, seeing as though the TV won't turn on. 

Would anyone from Samsung be able to give an update on this?

Hey @lukehurst1991.


We'd recommend contacting the Audio-Visual Support Team on 0330 726 7864 to get an update on this.


Our friends in Support are available 09:00 - 18:00, Monday - Saturday. Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:




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I have been in contact with customer services since Thursday about this problem. All they can/ will tell me is they are aware of the problem from a update they pushed out, and the engineersare working on a fix. They have no idea when the fix will be done.
My TV is only two months old, and the last person i spoke too told me the retails have been informed of the problem, so iam guessing people can't just take their TV to the retailer.

I've been having this issue sicne friday night and after calling again today they still say no fix is in place


The TV is 2 months old and the level of serivce recieved is disgusting

No need to call as nothng the service desk can do. The level of service is disgusting


Why can't the update just be backed out and removed

Hey BeccaS,


They thanked me for my patience and told me they're still working on it?

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