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TV keeps turning itself off and on indefinitely

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Hi, I have a Samsung PS51D6900 (51 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Plasma SMART Internet Television with Freeview HD) which now won't turn on (or stay on). It cycles round from displaying the Smart TV logo, to the Source (HDMI), then switches off and back on immediately. This repeats on a 17 second cycle so I've had to unplug the set.


I've read that this is most likely a blown capacitor problem and relatively straightforward to fix.


Has anyone else experienced this or can offer any advice?


Thanks in advance,


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Same sort of problem here with the 6320 , bizzare thing is though that it works fine for a few days then does its on/off tango until you unplug it and start again . If it was a blown capacitor you would think the fault would be constant...

Fault occurs on start up/ 20 minutes into a programme / when you adjust the volume- sometimes unplugging and powering up again cures it , sometimes it takes three or four attempts. As it's out of warranty (3 years old) and if it now needs a new motherboard , methinks it won't be economical to repair and I will add Samsung to my list of TV manufacturers to avoid , Sony are already on the list !

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