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TV is not functional

(Topic created on: 22-03-2024 09:58 PM)
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Hello everyone, 

I bought UE55TU8000UXTK model tv in turkey and took it in other country (Georgia). 
After switching it I have found that it is not accepting Terms and Conditions because of a server error (see picture below), I can’t use smart features, they doesnot appear at all - “Tv is not functional in your region”. 

It seems i have smart tv without smart features . Is there any chance to fix the problem ? 


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Hi @Bendela1990  with the server Error a few Troubleshooting options.  Try reseting the Network by going to Source-Settings-General -Network-Reset Network.  A soft Reset (pressing and holding power button on Smart Remote for around 5 seconds until Tv restarts ) and rebooting router(unplug from mains) may also solve this.  Another possible solution is to change the DNS settings. Go to Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings. Change from Automatic to to or (Google servers) or or (Open DNS).

However to receive the apps for the countrty you are currently residing you would need to try and change the region.

To do this reset thetv and on the screen that displaS “Enjoy a wide range of smart features”, select Mute - Volume up -  Channel up - Mute .

Subsequently  a window with the country selection should appear, however not guaranteed to be successful.

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