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Tv Internet issues

(Topic created on: 14-07-2021 09:30 AM)
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Need some help after brain pain. We have a 50 inch lcd smart TV, approximately 8 years old now. Few months back it kept losing its ability to connect to the Internet (would say it was on the WiFi, but not Internet). However after resetting the TV it would work. But now, 3 months into moving into a new house, with far more reliable Internet, the problem has arisen again. I've tried everything from resetting the connection, dns settings, resetting the router, resetting the ONT fibre box, factory resetting the TV.And alas.... It shows connection to wifi but not Internet. Yet our amazon firestick, xbox, phones, literally everything else connects fine. Have contacted out ISP, diagnostics ran, and the Internet is 100% fine. Is it a sign (in blessing) that it's time to upgrade? 

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Hi @Banksy83  Firstly can I check that your Tv has the latest firmware , you do not mention the model but it can be found on the Samsung support site and you may be able to update by downloading firmware to USB 

However if that is not the issue can you try a soft reset by holding the power button in for around 5 seconds or until the logo appears.   If no effect unplug the Tv  for a few minutes.  I know you have tried a lot of the recommended fixes though.  When you say you have changed the DNS settings did you change it to  and   (the Google servers), there are also other alternatives such as Open DNS  

Primary DNS server address:

Secondary DNS server address:  See more here : 

Have you tried a wired connection, though sometimes that is not convenient?

Generally though Tv's will run into some issues at 7-8 years.



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