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Tv changelogs 2013-2018

(Topic created on: 09-06-2023 09:20 PM)
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Setting up a new thread for the earlier models (2019 onwards can be found on the original thread) so that there is enough space.

Changelogs for the TV models from 2013-2018

2018 QLED TVs and NU series

Update version 1260.8 - June 2019

  • security update.
  • The image display for the 8K devices has been improved.

  • The TV Plus tile should now be able to be removed here. Other small errors in the operation of TV+ have also been corrected.

Update version 1270.6 - August 2019

  • improve security.
  • Universal Guide has been improved.
  • Apple TV icon has been changed.
  • YouTube voice search has been improved.

Update version 1290.4 - November 2019

  • An error in interaction with SKY Q (flickering) has been fixed.
  • Automatic HDMI detection has been improved.
  • Memory optimization for NU7400/7500.
  • Fixed an issue where Freesync could cause reboots.

Update version 1292.1 - February 2020

  • Fixed bug showing low disk space when updating

Update version 1292.3  - February 2020

  • Fixed the error that NU7400/NU7500 series devices could not install updates due to insufficient disk space

Update version 1294.1  - March 2020

  • Fixes a bug that could lead to channel failures with DVB-T2 + HEVC SFN.
  • Improvement of the Smart View transmission from the Galaxy S20.

Update version 1300.4 - August 2020

  • Improvement of the preview ad tile in art mode (The Frame)
  • Country expansion (Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, India) at TV-Plus
  • security update
  • Structural adjustment in the terms and conditions and data protection regulations
  • Game mode optimization

Update version 1310.4 - October/November 2020

  • 108 MP images from Galaxy S20 are now supported
  • Fixed an issue where apps stopped working if the TV was unplugged during installation.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no sound from Apple Music.
  • security updates

Update version 1320.4 - September 2021

  • Improvements and bug fixes to TV Plus
  • Better interaction with Apple TV
  • security update
  • Fixed a YouTube bug when playing 4K
  • Better layout of the terms and conditions
  • A bug when calling up the PVR directory has been fixed
  • An error that could lead to the disconnection of the WLAN has been fixed
  • Better interaction with DeX
  • Optimization of the booting process
  • A bug in interaction with Amazon Prime Video has been fixed
  • A sound playback bug was fixed
  • From now on, overflow advertising during streaming will be suppressed
  • Added 2-factor authentication

Update version 1325.2 - May 2022

  • TV Plus improvements (logo change and DRM integration)
  • security update
  • Optimizations related to playready certificates
  • Improvements related to FKP client certificates

Update version 1330.5 - October 2022

  • Connectivity to the servers has been improved
  • A bug in interaction with Amazon Prime Video has been fixed
  • Adjustments have been made to the EPG
  • Samsung TV Plus improvements

Update version 1334.0 - April 2023

  • Improvements have been made to updating the tile display
  • TV Plus: Video distortion improvements / fixed subtitles issue

Update version 1340.4 - November 2023

  • General TV Plus improvements
  • A bug in the app has been fixed
  • A display error during live streams has been fixed
  • A bug that prevented individual HD Live channels from playing has been fixed
  • General system optimizations

2017 QLED TVs and MU series

Update version 1270.3 - May 2019

  • TV Plus tile should now be removable.

Update version 1280.5 - November 2019

  • PVR has been improved in several ways.
  • An error in interaction with SKY Q (flickering) has been fixed.

Update version 1290.3 - December 2020

  • A bug that could lead to picture dropouts and picture errors in DVB-T2 has been corrected.
  • Fixed an error when installing/updating apps.
  • A bug in interaction with the HBO Now app has been fixed.
  • The WLAN function has been improved.

Update version 1300.3 - November 2021

  • General optimizations to TV Plus
  • Improvements to the Amazon Prime Video issue "MediaControlError: playback did not start in 5000ms"

Update version 1310.1 - June 2022

  • Improvement related to FKP client certificates
  • Samsung TV Plus DRM integration
  • The Samsung TV Plus app logo has been updated
  • General optimizations related to DRM content
  • Update of PlayReady certificates

2016 TVs (K Series) 

Update version 1240.0 - June 2019

  • Fixed Amazon Prime Video aspect ratio error.

Update version 1241.5 - September 2019

  • security update
  • The web browser has been improved
  • An HbbTV certificate has been added
  • Changes to TV Plus

Update version 1242.0 - February 2020

  • A display error with 4k HDR sports content in some apps has been fixed
  • Screen mirroring optimization

Update version 1250.2 - October 2021

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • several PlayReady certificates have been added
  • Optimizations for auto login
  • a bugfix that fixes challenges when using DeX

Update version 1260.1 - July 2022

  • SmartThings has been improved
  • Improvements related to FKP client certificates
  • security updates

2015 TVs (J Series)

Update version 3040.1 - September 2018

  • Bug fix: Serif TV crashes during video playback.

Update version 1150.0 - August 2019

  • Updated presentation of the General Terms and Conditions.

Update version 1570.0 - September 2021

  • A streaming error in interaction with Rakuten TV has been fixed.

Update version 1580.0 - December 2022

  • General improvements


2014 TVs (H Series)

Update version 1410.0 - November 2019

  • Internet connection optimization.

Update version  2900.0 - March 2020

  • Adjustment of the terms and conditions.
  • Optimization of server queries.

2013 TVs (F Series)

Update version  2127.0 - April 2020

  • Some certificates have been replaced to keep apps working.

Update version 2130.0 - February 2023

  • Optimizations related to a remote control (TIVO RC)


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