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TV 75QN91B +Soundbar Q930B - sound issues

(Topic created on: 07-10-2023 05:03 PM)

Soundbar Q930B and the TV (75QN91B) are working together using the Q-Symphony function via HDMI-eARC. When the PS5 console is turned on, the TV automatically switches to Game Mode, and the sound is also in Game Mode. When the console is on, the sound between the soundbar and the TV is out of sync. Later, this effect remains when switching inputs, for example, to YouTube or a streaming platform. Instead of playing together using the Q-Symphony function, they play as if separately, resulting in an effect as if we were inside a tin can or an echo effect. It also resembles the effect as if two sound tracks (background noises (drums etc.) and main soundtrack) were playing at once, but not together in perfect harmony (like it supposed to be). When switching options on the TV (sound of clicking in the TV menu), the sound occurs twice, one after the other. If we turn off the console and switch the source to another, then everything returns to normal. Also, if we change the sound settings on the TV to play only from the soundbar, not using Q-Symphony function - then everything is fine. With the previous TV, the 65Q80T, this problem did not occur. The issue arose after purchasing the 75QN91B TV. The TV was replaced with a new one due to other issues (burnt-out pixels on the matrix), so it suggests that the problem likely lies in the software rather than the hardware. Sometimes there is also an effect where, with the sound coming only from the soundbar (not using Q-Symphony function), the sound is muffled. Resetting the TV by holding down the power button helps and makes the sound normal.


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