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TV 5yr Extended Warranty Exemption

(Topic created on: 12-01-2024 08:42 PM)
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In March 2023 I purchased a Samsung QE43Q65BAUXXU TV directly from

When I attempted to register for the extended 5yr warranty (within the 90 day period) I was declined.

Samsung Customer support informed me that the exemption was due to the TV being discounted at the time of purchase. This discount was a promotion that Samsung were running and would be available to everyone.

In the extended warranty terms and conditions there is a section that states:

Purchases must be made from the online shop on only. Purchases from other retailers or from EPP sites (under which certain categories of customers who have been provided with a log in to benefit from discounted products) are expressly excluded. This includes, but is not limited to the following Samsung EPP sites: Student, EPP Networks, NHS EPP, Royal Household EPP, SME Open, SME Closed, Samsung Staff Sales, EPP Partners

So taking the two points in turn:

  • I did purchase from
  • I was NOT provided with a log in to benefit from discounted products such as student discount, I used the main site available to everyone

There is no mention that promotions run by Samsung on somehow fall into the above exemption clause.

Can someone explain this?

If it stated you must pay full price to qualify for the extended warranty that would be clearer, but it does not. Samsung should also make it abundantly clear that when purchasing a discounted item from that doing so means you will not be able to claim the extended warranty, but of course they do not do this. In fact they don't even make it clear that there is an extended warranty available. I missed out on this from my last purchase too, though given it was also discounted by Samsung it would have also been exempt.

When I purchase a domestic appliance such as a fridge there is a large orange sticker stating you need to register to claim an extended warranty.  Thing is, even if you didn't register, you can still claim provided you have proof of purchase.

Not so with Samsung, no they make you jump through multiple registrations within a limited timeframe and then shift the goal posts so you can't obtain the extended warranty.

You'd think that registering with Samsung just once ought to be enough, but no you must do a further registration to obtain the extended warranty. Why is it just not provided at the time of initial registration. John Lewis provide a 2yr warranty without lifting a finger, Richer Sounds often provide a 6yr warranty; again without the need to do anything. More to the point they clearly state what the warranty period is too.

I will NEVER purchase direct from Samsung ever again.  It's a shame because the product is good, it's just the way they conduct themselves is what lets them down. 


Brilliant idea, the online form doesn't recognise Samsung UK or as a store and doesn't have anything other than A in the drop down menu... I was offered a loyalty discount on a 5 year warranty tv, my inability to register over and over led me to others being told a discount voids the warranty, I specifically asked for five year because my last one stopped working after 2 years, so the advisor knowingly butchered my trust and rights to the warranty, Nothing is clear nothing fair, endless loops of pages of how to with nowhere to go...., my support for this company is over because they sold a tv warranty and the so called ADVISOR INVALIDATED IT.
I purchased from student site but on the page within the student store it clearly stated 5yr warranty for the TV I purchased but Samsung refuse to honour that warranty, not a small cost for tv at over 2500 pounds. Badly let down by samsung who offered me a measly £50 voucher for my troubles surely something can be done I even purchased a £1200 soundbar and this is the level of service after a total spend of £3800.? !!!!!!!!