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TU700D Firmware update issue

(Topic created on: 18-09-2022 01:38 AM)


Trying to update the firmware on my UN65TU700DFXZA tv...per the support site, the latest available firmware version is 2303.1.  my TV is at 2101.  So I tried updating via the internet directly from the TV and it says no update available.  I downloaded he 3.6Gig firmware file from the support page, copied it over to a USB drive thats fat32.   Unzipping the file, I saw 3 different firmwares, one was the stock factory firmware and 2 other updates I guess. when I copied the folders on to the USB and trying to do a manual update. the TV still doesnt see the firmware files and says there is no update available. tried everything format the usb drive, unplug and re-plug the tv to rule out static, reset, unhook all acceriors like sound bar and reset the TV again and still no luck... reset and didnt setup network connection to make sure its a local manual upgrade still no luck. lastly removed all the files from the usb drive, only copied the image file and tried again, ruling out any folder structure issue..still no luck.. spent an hour on the phone with Samsung support and their system or the user adruptly ended the call after 1hr of being on it. tried calling again and this time the system declared that this needs a ticket and sent me a link to create a ticket. Just curious did anyone else have had this issue or did i get a bad unit ?

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Hi @MaGu2662 ,  see there are 2 different files (in Uk can be one for Windows and all systems but not specified)  You could try downloading the smaller files.  You have attempted various fixes , though have you tried formatting to NTFS as shown here 

Whilst possible file is corrupted  may be other issue.  However as US model  you may wish to ask here 

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Have you solved this issue? I recently purchased same TV and I am having the same problem.