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TU7000 HDR on Netflix/Disney+ unwatchably dark

(Topic created on: 26-06-2020 12:25 PM)

So I've had my 43tu7000 for about a month now, and I'm finding more and more of the HDR content on Netflix and Disney+ to be unwatchable.  Whenever there's a dark scene, I can barely make out anything which seems to completely go against the marketing blurb:


"Watch every moment burst from the screen. Discover what’s lurking in the shadows of a horror movie or witness the true beauty of a sun filled landscape scene."


I've tried messing about with all the settings, unfortunately there isn't an option to turn HDR off on this model.  I've tried using the built in apps, the same apps on a FireTV 4k, and an xbox one s.  At the moment the only way to watch a lot of the content is to fall back to my Sky Q Mini box which isn't 4k or HDR and kind of defeats the purpose of buying a 4k HDR TV!


Anyone else noticing issues, or can suggest how to tweak it to get good results?

First Poster

While watching movies on SlingTV (in HD not 4k) the dark scenes are, as ADShaw (the OP) says, "unwatchably dark" with everything black or almost-black.  But when I stream the same dark scenes onto a tablet, they look good (like they should) so the problem is the TV, not the streaming content.

Although Anth0x "confirms that update 1302 fixes the too dark shadow problem," my experience is that of freb03 who "tried it but it hasn't changed a thing."  On my 50" TU700D, in the "Settings" I clicked "Support" and "Software Update" and (for the first time) asked it to immediately update using connected WiFi, so it checked and said I have now (and evidently have been using) the latest software, Version 1420. (not 1302)  This was very disappointing because I had hoped the too-dark viewing was due to outdated software, and Samsung would fix it.