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Trying to return a brand new faulty Samsung 75 inch Q950TS flagship QLED 8k HDR smart tv purchased from Samsung website shop

(Topic created on: 22-04-2021 06:38 PM)
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Purchased the television with setup and  wall install and demonstration from Samsung website shop was delivered on 1st April left in bedroom by panther group was meant to be installed that day


 They told me that’s not there job 16th April order works come out and instal it organised by Samsung there first available date  panel is just flashing  every few seconds very poor resolution  on images spent since then with Samsung website shop trying to get some one who can help

tried Samsung messenger surpport who looked  at video agree it’s fault Went through trouble shooting steps  but can’t help spoke to web site who pass me to technical who want a video to show fault and verify it as they can’t share the messenger info and messenger support Samsung say verifying  it to another department they will not do  finally get a video uploaded technical tell me it’s faulty but they don’t want to repair it they think it should be a new tv replacement  because it’s a flag ship television the shop insist I remove a 40 kg tv wall mounted  then box it send it to them  wait 7 days for there warehouse to look at it before they can do anything 


I’m disabled can not even move the massive box they left behind thats in my way seem to be going around in circles with different departments loads of phone calls  messenger messages then phoned  order works who tell me it’s normal procedure for Samsung to give them the job of de install and box it ready for there courier panther group to collect it


at this stage I just want it removed boxed and a refund under the 28 days Samsung offer yet no one in Samsung seems to care a £4000 television they delivered installed is faulty and are asking the impossible me to remove a television and box it despite it being faulty from day 1 is there any Samsung person who reads these who can look at the case and all my phone calls messages of last week and hours trying to get some help this is the video of a brand new flag ship television from Samsung I just want a refund now I tried for a repair I tried for a swap I now just can’t face those long calls starting from the beginning  each time explaining  everything them promising to help yet end of call they do nothing and I have to start again