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Tower Stand VG-SGSM11S


Hello All,


Does anyone have the tower stand? I am trying to find out how much clearance is beneath the tv when a 65” Q9 is fitted to it. 





Hi @Sheraton6

From the images on the Samsung website and the specifications provided it seems as though the space below the TV once it's attached to the stand is quite limited. This is only an estimate however the stand is 54.15cm tall and the TV sits about a third of the way up therefore you're looking at around 18-20cm beneath the TV. You can see for yourself by checking the following link:

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the response. I had worked it out to be roughly the same as you have said but the images on that link you’ve provided seem to show the tv sat much lower than 18-20cm’s, in my opinion. I just need to accept I can’t be lazy on this and I need to go to a store to see it in the flesh.
I agree, it is difficult to gauge the available space based on the photos therefore if you are planning on housing something below the TV then it's not a bad idea to arrange to see it in store to avoid disappointment.

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