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Thunder bugs/Thunder flies In screen! KS9000 55"

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So ive had my stunning KS9000 55" curved TV for around a year now and a few months ago i noticed something on the screen, I went to wipe it off and oh no its not on the screen its in it! So i contacted samsung and many emails and many pictures later they tell me its not a dead pixel its an insect. So after a bit of research yes it appears to be a thunder bug. After looking closely ive now noticed there are 3 of them inside my TV and now i cant take my eyes off them! They are standing out like sore thumbs! Samsung tell me this is not covered under warranty....great.


Needless to say this TV cost ALOT of money and now i cant stand to look at it because all i do is look at these ***** bugs that have infected my TV. Ive done a fair bit of research and ive noticed a pattern with LCD TVs but very rarely an LED. Surely this is a manufacturing fault? Im led to believe these TVs are supposed to be sealed? Any help or more information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Hi @Danielmartin.


Apolgies for the delay. Have you tried gently tapping the top of your TV screen to see if this dislodges the (what should be) dead bugs at all?


Thank you for the reply. Yes I have tried tapping around the flies but they are not going anywhere and I'm worried about damaging the screen. Is there any other way?


Hi Daniel

I seem to have a similar issue here, and on the same TV model. But as it is coming out there are quite a few people around the uk, complaining of the same issue with their tv's as well. So we are not the only ones.

So as it came out after a visit of appointed by Samsung service, I also have a 'dead bug' that crawled between lcd screen and a backlight, casting a dead-pixel-like shadow on the lcd panel.

Few days after the visit Samsung confirmed that this won't be covered by warranty, as this is not their fault that the bug crawled inside, and that their tv are apparently produced to highest standard.

This is surely not right and quite questionable, as panels of this type and priced as much as they were at the point of my purchase (similar to yours), should be sealed in a manner that disallow bugs to crawl in, especially that this is all too common and well known occurence.

Samsung in their response to my warranty repair request confirmed that there are vents in the sealing to allow for cooling of the lcd panel. And this is probably how the bug came in. I believe that even if there are any cooling vents in the sealant, these should be secured so that this situation wouldn't take place.

I very strongly believe that this is a manufacturing/design flaw and as such should qualify for repair/replacement under manufacturers warranty.


What is also interesting is that the design of the lcd panel does not allow for taking it apart - as it was the case in older models of lcd tv's- and as confirmed by the servicemen who visited me. 

It is very convenient to Samsung, as replacement of entire lcd panel in this case makes up about 3/4 of the price I have paid for the TV. Fixing of the issue by qualified technician would be cheap in comparison.


In light of no cooperation from samsung side and an obvious design/manufacturing flaw, I will be looking at other means of sorting this situation out, using trading standards office, but also perhaps bbc watchdog, and urge you to do the same as in the end this is quite unacceptable to have this issue on a TV advertised as Samsung " flagship model". 


Hi Chris,
Will Samsung cover for the damage caused by tapping the tv, should it break in the process?

Thanks for the reply Mike


Its been an ongoing battle with samsung for over a month now but ive found like yourself they want nothing to do with it. Ive spent thousands (not including the tv) on samsung products over the years and needless to say im very disapointed. It looks like i either have to just live with it or buy a new TV! They seem my only options. Please keep me updated if you get anywhere

I have contacted Watch dog UK and urge you to do the same, hopefully they will look into this and respond or contact Samsung with a bit more force than we have managed



I hope you got this sorted.


Legally Samsung is the weakest party to pursue.  Your best bet is to go back to your retailer and explain the problem and state the TV isn't fit for purpose, legally they have to sort it out for you.  These bugs and others get everywhere and the TV should be designed to work without issues like this.  


If you get no joy you can go via the small claims court against the retailer.  If the retailer doesn't help and you paid by credit card, you can take the same action against your card company.


Hope that helps.





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I noticed something odd two days ago and it would appear that I too have the same issue with my ks9000. I though at first that it was on the screen but noticed as soon as I went to clean it that it was in rather than on the screen! Have you had any joy resolving this issue or are you having to put up with something that draws your eye and ruins your enjoyment every time there is a solid colour displayed?!!! 




I have the same model tv and am about to have my screen replaced for the second time with this issue. My TV is out of warranty but in Australia it is listed as a manufacturing fault and is covered by consumer laws. These two magic words give me the option of a replacement or refund. If I get insects in my screen again I will be requesting a refund. I've been with Samsung products all of my life but will have to consider a different tv in the future if this keeps happening. 

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