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Thoughts on the new 2018 QLED TV?


I had the opportunity to learn more about and see the insides of one these: at one of the Samsung factories the other week. (The whole factory visit was genuinely a fascinating experience.) I spent much of the time feeling wowed – but then again I still vividly remember CRT tellies and that noise they made when they were turned on...


Anyone else seen one of the 2018 QLED’s in person? And any thoughts on features like Ambient Mode, the Near-Invisible cable, One Remote Control , SmartThings connectivity etc?

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Thanks Tranx, that puts my mind at rest.

Because of this thread I am a little wiser than I was a few days ago.

I got my Q9F today and I must say that I'm very happy with it. Took some time for me to calibrate it to my tastes but the looks right now are very much perfect :face-with-tears-of-joy:


In terms of quality the only complaint I have right now is that 1080p content is too fuzzy (And upscaling can result into artifacts). But with some fine tuning everything is very much reasonable now, especially with such a big screen :smiling-face:

It also looks like the screen allows notifications from Google & Samsung accounts - but not from Exchange Activesync. Which is a shame 😞


Also, I kinda managed to butcher ambient mode. Just see for yourself :')



I dare to bet that most people have just a wall around it but of course I managed to break it (Its worse with the door open :winking-face: ), breaking things is my speciality ^-^ 


But yeah, I like it! :face-with-tears-of-joy:




This is a photo of my set-up.F5A2E409-4803-4EEC-A5C0-FF3C171DE913.jpeg

Disappointed that I don’t have that latest upgrade......... a door 😀😀😀😀😀

Doors are truly next gen 👍😁 perfect use of space

Glad you're happy with it so far. Did you figure out how to remove all the adverts? If not, there's a good video here that will help :smiling-face:

Ads is a big word, its earlier pre-installed apps. They don't disturb me and I removed the ones that are in my way (or put it somewhere down in a list where I won't look at them :smiling-face: ).

The most important thing is that the TV works for me how I want it ^-^ And it definitely does :smiling-face: I probably will have some feedback after my honeymoon period ^-^

@SjorsK wrote:
Doors are truly next gen 👍😁 perfect use of space

If you haven't seen it, watch the movie "The adjustment bureau". If your doors work like that then I definitely want your setup instructions :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

QLED 2018? For me disaster. I bought Q7FN. The worst decision ever. Maybe the picture is not so bad, but only when you watch TV being in the middle of the screen. When you seat a little bit on the left or right, then on the opposite edge you can see that colors getting fade. The second unacceptable thing in these TVs is an impossibility to switching off local dimming. Forget about this TV's if you watch movies with subtitles. Then they are unwatchable, especially when scenes are dark. When subtitles appear, then the whole picture gets brighter. Subtitles disappears, the picture gets darker. So annoying and distracting watching movie. You can read more here:


It is a software problem, which Samsung for some reason didn't resolve so far.


Sorry to hear that. My Q9FN, no problems for me, very pleased with it.

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