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The NEO QLED is a major Over Priced TV

(Topic created on: 28/03/21 18:14)

IDK if people will see this But the 4K QN90/85A Are Over Priced TVs that is Not a Real Upgrade in PQ. On top of Samsung is actually Capping an smearing 4K tvs which to this day are still nowhere near perfect with PROBLEMS as well as 4K is still widely unsupported natively and still mainly upscaled. Which there is a difference between Native 4K and Upscaled 4K and holding back tech to try and get people to buy an even more useless unsupported double upscaled resolution 8K at a far more steeper cost That will have the SAME PROBLEMS. This shows Samsung's capitalistic ideologies in full bloom in 2021. The "Flagship" QN90A Samsungs "Highest End" Mini-LED 4K is Just a Tad better then Q90T an a Tad Worse then Q90R. The QN85A is About the Exact(Shocking I know in some areas the 85A does better) Same with less contrast cause of the ISP panel for $1500+ With ONLY 1 HDMI 2.1 PORT. JUST  1. Now will They fix the Poorly used Local Dimming an PQ issues in the 4K QN line Quickly an get another Port 2.1 accessable. With Samsung being Only about Useless 8K That remains to be seen if they Really even care About there 4K