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[The Frame] Upload and organise photos one connect box

(Topic created on: 04-01-2022 07:28 PM)
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Hi I bought a Samsung frame TV 2021 edition and have a hard time uploading and organising my photos on it.

Why can't I send my photos from my PC to my Frame? That is what its designed for right? It has 6GB of storage. You can't expect people to upload that via batches of 50 photos via the Smartthings app. Have you ever tried?

How can I organise my photos once there on the Frame. They all end up in one folder. I want to show people my photos on my frame, but can only start a slideshow of everything, or a shuffle. You can't make sub collections, reorganise, delete etc. Why advertise the thing as a Frame and then make it so hard to put en show your content on it.