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The frame TV - off and on

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Our frame tv has just come out of warranty and now developed an issue where it turns it self off and on continually and the one connect box makes a clicking sound.. from reading different forums I’ve tried all the methods of disabling any net+, mobile on off and unplugging it etc etc and it don’t work.


im a bit annoyed as it appears this is a well known problem but Samsung are choosing to do nothing about it as it’s out of warranty... why should we have to pay for a known issue!


anyone else know how to get this fixed

its most likely a one connect cable fault especially if its the 2017 model which is the very thin one connect cable
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There is no damage to the cable we got the TV last year, I believe it is the 2018 frame. 


One thing we have noticed is it turns off around the same time every day!! we've checked the timers and everything and it just sits there switching it self off then on then off then on then off until we unplug it leave and it works again....


loads of people seem to have the same issue but i cant find any resolution to it.  Im not happy samsung are expecting us to sort this out of our own pocket when it appears to be a known issue

change the cable as 90% of power issues on one connect model tvs using invisible cable is the cable - new cable is about £90
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