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The Frame 32" 2023 Art Mode does not go to sleep

(Topic created on: 28-02-2024 11:37 AM)
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In November 2022 I purchased the 32" 2023 Frame that had firmware 1310 and within days after setting up the art mode it stopped going to sleep. After speaking to Samsung's tech team who accessed the tv remotely, got me to unplug the set and hard reboot it, they said I needed a visit from a technician, however, they wouldn't provide a timescale. Nothing happened and no one called me despite my chasing them for the next six weeks. Eventually one of their tech guys told me they were waiting for new firmware and wasn't able to say when it might be available and a technician would not be sent out. I decided to return the tv to the store I bought it from and they were kind enough to replace it after they called Samsung who told them they wouldn't replace it and could give me a timescale to resolve my issue.

I set up the new tv that same day and checked the firmware which was 1310 the same as the old one. The art mode worked perfectly and then the following day I turned it on and put it straight into art mode and it wouldn't go to sleep. A couple of days later I noticed the firmware had changed to 1402 and things seemed to be ok until the next morning, again, I turned it onto art mode and it wouldn't go to sleep. Can I be so unlucky to have come across two faulty units?

To be clear on the setting for the art mode here's what I'm doing:

Sleep Timer - Off, Energy Saving Solution - Off, Screen Saver - Off, Auto Power Saving - Off, Auto Power Off - Off, Brightness Optimisation - Off.

Art Mode set to On', Art Mode sleep timer set to '5mins', Night Mode set to 'Off'

Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggestions?