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The Frame (2021), Xbox Series X and Firmware 1506

(Topic created on: 26-05-2021 12:36 AM)

Hi everyone!

We got 2x The Frame 65" 2021 and 2x Xbox Series X.

Two days ago one frame suddenly stopped working with the HDMI "Game Port".

The day after the other one experienced the same and now none of the TV's HDMI "Game Port" works with the Xbox. TV's just displays a "check input power source" message.

Connecting the XBOX to another HDMI-port works fine.

I checked the latest firmware @ Samsung support page and it says 1506 was made available last week, so my hypothesis is that it breaks "HDMI Game-port" functionality when using the xbox series x 4k/120hz.

I've played around with disabling VRR, HDR etc. on the xbox to no avail. Also had Samsung support remove into the TVs and first reset EDID(?) and then full factory reset.

Didn't fix the issue.

Currently using another HDMI for the Xbox but would prefer to get it back into the GAME-port as this supposedly provides a better picture and VRR-support etc.

Anyone got ideas? :smiling-face: 



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Hey! Just wondering if you found a solution for this? I recently started having this issue. A bit strange