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The Frame 2021 (55") TV voice control not available on UK model

(Topic created on: 13-03-2022 12:08 PM)
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The Frame 2021 (55") TV, voice control using the handheld "smart" remote control works as advertised, but it is impossible to turn on the "Voice Wake-up" function on the actual TV because there is no "Voice Wake-up" setting available, and therefore "Hi Bixby" does nothing (same for other voice assistants). The User Manual leads you to the correct Setup page, but the setting is simply not there, not even as a greyed-out option. The "Sound Sensor" is switched on (and a message on-screen confirms this). All the usual routes of factory reset etc. have been followed. After much searching, a call to Samsung support confirmed that this capability is NOT available on The Frame 2021 in the UK.

Bixby works fine via the microphone button on the "smart" remote control, but that defeats the object of "hands free" voice control. 

So, if you're looking for a nice TV with true hands-free voice control, without the added complexities of Smart Things and/or Alexa etc., unfortunately this isn't the one for you... Unless, of course, someone else out there has found a way?

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I was struggling with this issue on my 55" samsung tv in as much as Alexa would turn the tv off but not on again. I installed a zigbee (initially wi-fi) plug in the wall socket, this allows the tv to turn on/off at the wall (so not standby) but it also turns on in the state of turning off .... turn of the tv (alexa television off) and it is turned off at the wall, (Alexa, television on) and the tv turns on in the on position.. hope that is clear.