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Terrible customer service

(Topic created on: 18-10-2022 10:11 PM)
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I've never had to deal with a company as bad as Samsung.  They delivered the wrong thing, came promptly to collect it, but then couldn't send me a TV i'd paid £750 for!  Customer service team make all sorts of promises, but never do anything.  After weeks of hassle I asked for a refund.  Samsung agreed but that was about 3 weeks ago.  I've now had to raise a claim through my credit card company under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.  

Has anyone ever had good customer service from Samsung?  Looking through this community the answer seems to be a resounding "no".  I've learnt my lesson - when my 4 household Samsung phones need replacing, when my samsung ear-buds need replacing, and when my Samsung laptop needs replacing, guess who I will not be buying them from 😞

Sorry to hear of your experience friend
However whether this forum or Facebook pages, you hardly see people coming and sharing "positive" experiences, normally or 90% of times it's all about, "problems" /frustrations or negative experiences, so this is the wrong place for data collection

However comparing to Apple, my personal opinion is Samsung is behind with customer services
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Not just Apple you could name pretty much any other company, even ASUS and that's borderline taking the pee really given ASUS own record with customer support in the UK

Likewise. I'll never buy another Samsung product based on my recent experience. I bought a Samsung S23 based on the fact it came with free Galaxy Buds Pro 2. When the phone arrived there were no buds. I've given up calling, emailing and online chatting with endless representatives who cannot or won't help me get this resolved. The return label has been printed and the phone is going back to Samsung in the morning. I've already decided on the Google Pixel 7 I'll be replacing it with.