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Technical Help please ! Can't get sound through optical cable from Streamed NAS drive videos

(Topic created on: 12-01-2021 01:43 PM)
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I have a Samsung UE65ES8000 tv.


I have TV connected to a Sony anynet+ compatible DVD player which has surround speakers via the optical sound cable.


I have an amazon firestick connected to TV which plays fine through the surround sound DVD player.


I have a sky Set top box connected to TV via HDMI and the sound from this also comes through the DVD player.


However, when I use the tv remote and click 'source' and choose my Wifi connected NAS drive DS416PLAY and choose a video from there, it plays the video and the sound comes only from the TV, not the surround sound.


Is there anyway that I can simply have any sound from the TV go through the optical cable to the Surround sound system ?       I just can't get the wifi NAS drive videos to go through the optical cable.    


Any suggestions really welcome as I'm tearing my hair out right now.   :smiling-face: