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SWA-9000S No sound from rear speakers

(Topic created on: 03-09-2021 08:45 PM)
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I have a QE65Q80TATXXU TV hooked up to a Samsung HW-Q800T Soundbar and just purchased the compatible rear speakers SWA-9000S. 

I've managed to connect the rear speaker wireless receiver module to the soundbar according to the instructions by switching the soundbar off and pressing the volume button for 5 seconds until the 'ID SET' shows on the soundbar and the blue LED light on the receiver of the rear speakers changes from blinkering until constantly blue.

I cannot however get any sound to come out of the rear speakers. The soundbar works fine, only the rear speakers stay silent. 

I have so far tried the following;

  • Reset the receiver and reconnected to the soundbar to the receiver on several occasions.
  • Made sure that the clamps clamp down on the copper wire instead of the plastic tubing of the wire connecting the rear speakers to the receiver
  • Connected the soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth HDMI eArc cable

Anybody got any ideas? I contacted Samsung support but their first level support couldn't help me so he's scheduled a call back from an advanced technical support which I am still waiting to hear from.