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Support Issues

(Topic created on: 10-11-2020 05:03 PM)
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I really like Samsung products. I've purchased over 6 TVs, some bigger ticket items. I just purchased a Samsung smart hub refrigerator. I was tending to a brand loyalist. But I hit a snag with support (the first time I’ve needed them). First my UN82NU8000FXZA developed a dead horizontal pixel line across the center. It’s out of warranty, but it’s huge and mounted on my apartment wall, so I figured the best course is to pay for it to be repaired. I started online with my problem and was instructed to call support. Finally got through to the someone on support line and they told me that my best bet was to go online and find a service provider near me. I did that to find that the website did not come back with any service providers close to my location, so I called back. This time when I explain no providers were found on the website they said they would schedule a service appointment for me (why not do this the first time???). This started a series of texts that confirmed my appointment, after sending several to assure I was aware that the unit was out of warranty and it could cost a significant amount (the texts really seemed like they were talking me out of getting the unit fixed). Fast forward to the day of the support call (I confirmed several times via text that I wanted the service prior to this time) and I arranged my day to be at the TV location for the support call. On route to the my apartment I get a call from the service provider asking me about the issue and telling me that the TV is out of warranty.  I explained the issue and again confirmed that I would pay for the repair. The service rep then said they would need to reschedule the appointment. This was very disappointing (I’m not going to lie I got mad) and based on my disappointment a manager came on. He began to again explain that this would cost me money and proceeded to talk me out of getting the TV repaired. As much as I insisted I wanted the service he continued to push back adding costs to the projected service and parts. In frustration I hung up with no service coming. Add to this my Samsung refrigerator was delivered damaged. The delivery service damaged our existing refrigerator beyond use as they took it out, so we had not choice but to accept (the unit is working it has a fork lift ***** in the back). I don’t think it is good for either us or Samsung to replace the unit, we just want assurance that the ***** will not cause any long term damage and if it does we would be covered (we did pay for extended warranty). 2 months in with even a service visit and still not resolution.  At the point now i am going to just replace it.


I want to be a Samsung person, but these experiences with support have me very disappointed and soured with the brand. Anyone have any advice? I feel if I could talk to someone that could resolve these issues (I’m not looking for freebees, I’m looking for problems to be solved) but I don’t know how to get a hold of anyone that could help me navigate this frustration.