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Sue Samsung for a Refund for Miss Sslling

(Topic created on: 31-12-2017 01:52 PM)

Do all you good people who bought a 2016 Samsung TV know Samsung have stopped supporting it. The promised they would support HLG (BBC Iplayer HDR). This was in the Dec 2016 Trusted Reviews and What Hi Fi. They have not and if you had bought a Panasonic or LG 2016 set you would be able to watch Iplayer Blue Planet 2 in glorious HLG. This is a big issue because HLG looks like the standard for all over the air broadcasting. Samsung are not even supporting a 4K update to Iplayer. The reason looks like it will cost just 5 cents or pence per unit. So my telly I bought in Jan 2017 is deemed as out of date by Samsung!!!!!!

You wrote in your Dec 2016 issue that Samsung were supporting HLG in their 2016 models. Do you know that Samsung have supported their 2017 models but not the 2016 models. I know because the BBC IPlayer Blue Planet 2 will not play in 4K or HLG. It's not good considering Panasonic and LG both do support their 2016 models. It means my KS model I bought in Jan is now deemed out of date by Samsung. It looks like their are royalty fees which Samsung will not pay!
Also Samsung promised the Smart Connect and HDR10+ both not turned up, and again miss selling. If you were influenced by these promises to buy any Samsung KS series then check out this link and see if you are entitled to a refund.

Usefull links

Good luck.


The Which link will easily tell you if you have a claim, so just try it.


Its not just the KS but any TV or product that does not do as described or has to be repaired more than once. As I said try the Which link.


Black Belt 

Also don't forget you Credit Card Regulations Section 75 which says the credit card company are also responsible to give  a full refund if your item is faulty or miss sold, and if you can not get the retailer to play ball. All you have to do is ring credit card company and ask to start a section 75 on that purchase. They will then advise you on the process.