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Subtitles not available on YouTube, iplayer etc

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Good afternoon


We have a Samsung TV, model number UE43TU7000K, which we bought about a month ago. We're pleased with the picture size and quality, but there is an annoying problem: we can't get subtitles on Youtube, BBC iplayer, itv hub and similar. For broadcast programmes we use a Humax satellite receiver/PVR and this lets us get subtitles on broadcast programmes; similarly, our Blu-ray player can give us subtitles on material which we play from optical discs. However when we want to use "catch-up" from channels like YouTube, BBC iplayer and itvhub, the option to have subtitles is greyed out, and if we select it we get an error message "This function isn't available". Can anyone shed some light on this problem, and suggest a solution (short of ditching this TV and buying another brand!), please?


Thanks in advance for any help



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