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Stop on screen notifications

(Topic created on: 27-08-2022 11:08 PM)
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I have a plasma d8000 television and I am using a polk audio sound bar for the audio, therefore I have disabled the internal speakers on the TV. My TiVo remote works perfectly fine operating my TiVo cable box and my television's power, however whenever I operate the volume of the Polk sound bar because I have disabled the internal speakers of the television and the remote is trying to change the volume of the Samsung, it brings up a message label in the middle of the screen that says "not available" and I would prefer not to see that sign every time I operate the volume. Is there any way to stop the television from giving me this "not available" notification label every time I operate the volume from my remote? I had an RCN technician install the cable box and he happened to be smart enough to know how to put in certain codes to stop the remote from trying to change the volume on the Samsung but still allow it to turn the Samsung power on and off, however there was some kind of upgrade to the RCN TiVo system which wiped out his programming so I now have no idea how he did it. Does anyone know how he did it? Or is there any way to turn off all the on-screen notifications so I do not have to see this label pop up in the middle of my screen anymore?