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Spotty WiFi and no Ethernet port on 32” Frame TV

(Topic created on: 17-04-2024 03:29 PM)
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I have two 32” Frame TVs, and they do not have the Ethernet ports on their OneConnect boxes. I have been getting inconsistent WiFi connection to them both as well, and my Eero 6e+ mesh routers are within sight of each of them. I have several complaints about the way that Samsung has treated this model: First, the cable included for the OneConnect is not clear like the other models; it is gray; now I have this issue of spotty WiFi with no other option for Internet. 
My questions are: Is there a workaround for the Ethernet cable; and does anyone know why Samsung has treated this model like the unwanted urchin of the lineup?

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Hi @beccamae90 In terms of more consistent wifi have you tried different wifi channels or splitting the 2.4 and 5  ghz  frequencies if this is possible . 

  If no effect  unplug the Tv  for 30 seconds and reboot router  simultaneously by unplugging from mains.     Another idea is to change the DNS settings from Automatic to Manual and change it to  or   (the Google servers).  Go to  Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings.   There are also other alternatives such as Open DNS  .

Primary DNS server address:

Secondary DNS server address:

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They treat it different because its for different people, they could do the thin cable and bigger one connect box but it would be £200 more and people won't buy it. It sells a hell of a lot. Seems an issue with your Eero, I have one in a bedroom with patchy wifi and never ran in to any usage problems.