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Spotify app no longer working

(Topic created on: 02-12-2020 10:34 AM)

Hi there,


All of a sudden the spotify app on my Samsung Smart TV stopped working (I am just seeing the green logo on a grey background). I have tried unplugging the TV, reinstalling the app and resetting the TV to factory settings, but nothing seems to get rid of this problem. I always listen to music on my TV so this is incredibly frustrating. Does anyone know how to fix this?



It's not as though Samsung is a global tech corporation that specialises in android phones , tablets and embedded smart TVs that has resources on hand  to produce working android apps which it puts on promotional material for its product.

Oh wait I was mistaken it actually is one.

Sent from my Samsung Galaxybook 12 or Samsung Galaxy Edge mobile or my Galaxy Tab A , what I have noticed in the last few years their support and features has eroded,they drop more than they add, which is fan based support and broken apps. I feel my brand loyalty although justified a few years back is more nostalgic than fact based.
My new TV is great except for very irritating features e.g. No Spotify and  those netflix, prime , rakuten buttons that have a mind of their own and magically jump to a purchase you don't want , have had to delete my account from all but the netflix one. Why can't I delete those apps or block them and why can't I configure those buttons for apps I use. 

Guess they were paid to put those buttons on and fix them, its all about them and not customers , takes more money to get a new customer than keep an existing one guess their marketing staff missed that in their college courses.
Seems Samsung excel in good products that are aggravating to use because they don't listen to the voice of their customers.

Their moto should be Experience great tech and manage to not enjoy the experience.

PS didn't get me started on my most expensive buy  the GB12 only bought this year and so many little niggles with their software.


Helping Hand

Hi. I have the same problem

Spotify suddenly not log in and shows only this (it means "error  + number).

I used galaxy note 10 with new android and Smarthings app, which works with Samsung TV. What helped you? 

I tried reset of TV, reset of Smart hub, reinstal spotify, everythink, bud not work.spotify error.jpg

First Poster

I have the same issue. Spotify had been working fine then just quit. When I start it it sits for a minute or two then throws up a lengthy hexadecimal error code.

I’ve reset smart hub, checked for Samsung TV software updates, deleted, reinstalled and reconnected the Spotify app to my Spotify account. 
I have found that deleting, reinstalling, and reconnecting the Spotify app to my account allows it to work, but if I exit the Spotify app or shut the TV off, it exhibits the same behavior it did prior. I’ve noticed the hexadecimal error code changes for each failed attempt to start the Spotify app.


QN65Q70 model here. Spotify worked fine for the last 10 months and DNS error appeared halfway through playing a song. 

This, the same week my 18 month old Samsung Dishwasher died. (No warranty)

Samsung suck.

Rachel Gomez

The You're Offline error is the most common error that Spotify users see within the app. Yet, you may also see the error message Can't Play the Current Track. These issues are common streaming errors within Spotify and require the same troubleshooting steps.

Check the internet connection. Faulty network connections might cause an offline error. Make sure you're connected to the internet and start Spotify again.

Check Spotify's status. If Spotify is down for everyone, you may see an offline error. Visit a website such as DownDetector to check Spotify's status.

You can also visit Spotify's Status Twitter for live updates.

Update the Spotify app. If your device doesn't update apps automatically, see if Spotify needs an update. Sometimes, issues can occur with older versions of apps due to bugs that newer updates fix.

Reset the network settings. If all else fails, you may need to reset the network settings.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez