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Sporadic black screen with Xbox One X

(Topic created on: 07-05-2020 03:09 PM)

I have a 1 year old Samsung 75" QLED QE75Q8DNATXXC and decided 3 weeks ago to treat myself to a brand new Xbox One X console.


Plugged the console directly into the TV HDMI 4 port (ARC) (later changed to HDMI 3) even though I don't have a receiver to use and started playing. Worked great in full 4K with HDR enabled for about 4-5 days.

THEN and ever since those first glory days I've been having these sporadic black screens that last 1-3 seconds before picture comes back. I also loose sound during those seconds.

The game still runs in the background and so far I have only been playing Star Wars Fallen Order and a known football game 20. I imagine playing a racing game or COD Warzone would be fun when the TV "blacks out" for a few seconds...

For me it's totally random when it happens. More often is after some "warm up time" but it can also happen after just 1 minute after starting a game. From there the black screen can occur every 10 seconds to every 10 minutes. Totally random again.


I am in contact with Xbox support here in Norway. They are very helpfull actually and are open for exchanging my Xbox but after I took my Xbox to a friends house to test it on his 4K TV there was no black screen for 3 hours straight playing. We even tried covering the Xbox up a bit with pillows to trigger a heat reaction. Xbox did not mess up at his house at all even under big stress testing. Also running with HDR by the way and same original Xbox HDMI cable.


I got back home and tried the same evening on my 75 inch Samsung. Black screen triggered after 3 minutes. Darn!


Like most others I've tried it all.

- 8 bit and 10 bit on Xbox.

- Turning off HDR on the Xbox.

- 1440 resolution on the Xbox.

- Switching HDMI cables from original Xbox one to another certified 4K cable.

- Power cycling the Xbox.

- Resetting the Xbox.

- Game mode on and off.

- Changed from HDMI 4 to HDMI 3 port

- Resetting the TV.

- With possibly another 20 tricks I won't even mention.


I miss those 4-5 first days that for some unknown reason worked perfectly.


After testing with my friends TV I contacted Norwgian Samsung customer support which ironically had Swedish employees that for sure hate their jobs.

The told me to reset the TV and if that didn't work they would consider remote accessing the TV.

Well... Reading numerours forum threads both here, on Microsoft, on Reddit and so on.. That will not do anything Samsung!


Address the issue! I paid in todays market $3000 for this TV and NO! I don't believe it's an Xbox fault anymore.


Same here. 

First Poster
I too get this issue on my XBox One X 4K connected to my Samsung Frame 55" TV. Its been happening for 2 years now.
I used to watch Sky TV on it but the screen goes black for a few seconds and then normal multiple times a minute.