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Sound keeps going up and down on its own, how do you reset it?

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ue32eh4003 I have this and volume keep going up. I even open it up checked the connectors, but nothing command circuit seems damage. the problem is that is the same unit for the remote control, so if I unplug it I will have no control at all 😞 

It might be a long shot but the reason my sound kept going up was because the batteries in the amazon firestick needed changing. It seems that if you have a firestick it kind of takes over your tv, so give it a try it might be that.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thanks so much for this! The same thing happened to me! I was ready to go to Best Buy until I read this thread

Hi David did you ever get a solution to this problem plz

mibe is doing exactly the same thing now 😢😢

Change the batteries in your firestick remote control thats what I did

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