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Sound crackling after startup

(Topic created on: 26-05-2021 08:39 AM)
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Hello everyone!


I am experiencing sound crackling on my TV - UE55TU7172UXXH. The sound output is via toslink cable to my amp. The sound starts to crackle after 2-5 minutes after startup (both devices simultaneously)  and crackles for few times (5-10x) and then the sound is perfectly fine.


At the beginning I had that common issue of crackling - changing audio output to PCM solved it. 

I've been trying to figure this with several methods.

  • Changed the optical cable
  • Factory settings on TV

The idea of invalid amp also came to my mind. Other inputs on AMP work perfectly fine however the optical could be defective. I've tried the

  • DAC transmitter
    • TV -->> optical cable -->> Transmitter -->> RCA cable -->> AMP (RCA input)
    • Sound crackles 
  • HDMI Switcher with audio separation
    • PC -->> HDMI cable -->> HDMI Switcher -->> optical cable -->> AMP (optical input)
    • Sound does not crackle

I've also noticed that sound does not crackle in this scenario: Turn on the TV -->> Wait 5-10 minutes -->> Turn on the AMP


My conclusion is that TV sends some weird mishmashed signal after turning it on.


Appreciate every advice.