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Some sites not working in the web browser on Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 30-07-2020 10:21 PM)
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My mom and dad got a new Samsung TV (Q80T) 49 inch today. When we tried the web browser on that TV we were able to access their TV providers on demand website, which made it possible to watch on demand TV directly on the built in web browser. This was huge news to me, since I´ve wanted something like this since I have access to TV only through On Demand. I tried to do this through my RU7105 now, which is from 2019 so I hoped it worked the same way, but it seems like it wont work. I tried to access both theTV on demand site and eurosport player, and both I couldnt access with an error message. Tried to update to the newest software, but that didn´t help either. Since this would be a huge addition to me, I am now contemplating buying a new TV with this possibility. So my questions are as follow: Is there any way that I can make it possible on my current TV, if not, which TVs or what do I need to look for to buy something with that feature? Any help would be highly appreciated.